Ami: first-ever Red Bull B-Girl World champion

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In 2017Japanese B-girl Ayumi was the first women ever to join the Red Bull BC One World Final, a mostly male dance competition. Thanks to her success at the event, Red Bull announced their first B-girl battle for 2018, which took place in Switzerland last September. Japanese Ami turned into a breaking legend by becoming the first-ever Red Bull BC One B-Girl World champion.

This woman is the first ever female to hold a world championship title in competitive breakdancing – and she is only 20 years old. “I’ve been practicing hard and maintaining my body for it, and I couldn’t be happier that all my efforts finally paid off”, she said. Ami battled San Andrea from France in the final, capturing the title with 3:1 revealed votes.

During the whole event, the champion defeated Ukraine B-girl Kate, Russian B-girl Kastet, Japanese B-girl Narumi and B-girl San Andre. It was not an easy win, because Red Bull invited 16 incredible contestants.

The best maestro

“I started dancing at the age of six and breakdancing when I was 11 years old. It’s a joy when I achieve the tricks and power moves after hard hours of practicing. At the same time, meeting people from all over the world has become an inspiration for me”, told Ami in a Forbes interview.

The world winner has worked out very hard last years to touch breaking glory. She explained she had been training three or four hours by herself every day to get ready for BC One final. “My biggest inspiration has been my teacher, B-Boy Katsu One”, she revealed to Red Bull.