From dancing and kung fu to be an NFL prospect

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Washington football is producing a lot of high caliber NFL defensive backs, and Kyler Gordon might be the most talented player in the room. He might be the most gifted athlete on the team as well, he finished in the top three in every part of the Husky Combine except the 40-yard dash.

Gordon won the vertical jump over tight end Jacob Kizer by four inches, with a 42.5 inch vert. He also finished second in the three-cone and pro agility drills, with times of 6.52 and 3.87 seconds respectively, and Gordon finished third in the broad jump with a 105leap.

Awesome career

For sure… Kyler Gordon was an athlete before he was anything else. Before he was a football player, a Husky, a four-star corner and a national recruit; before he was a Seattle Storm dancer and a kung fu fighter; before he was Mr. SpotlightKyler Gordon was already stealing it.

When he was 4, he tried kung fu, just for kicks. He dipped his fleet feet into dance – ballet, jazz, hip hop, lyrical, you name it – a year later. He used to stretch while watching cartoons to improve his flexibility.

For four years, Kyler devoted 20 hours a week to dance classes, and at age 8, he moonwalked his way to being named “Mr. Spotlight” – with a pink bow tie and curly brown hair to boot – at the Spotlight Dance Cup national finals in California.

Despite adding yet another outlet for his athleticism, Kyler didn’t stop dancing. He joined the Seattle Storm’s hip hop dance troupe at age 9, performing at home games and events.

The activity itself almost seemed insignificant; Kyler’s athleticism was a universal currency, accepted everywhere. If he participated, he dominated –  whether it be dance or defense.

For sure: Kyler Gordon is looking at a very successful career ahead of him with the University of Washington football team and eventually the NFL. Be on the lookout for this rising star in the Pacific Northwest.