Bollywhack: a match between Hip Hop and Indian culture

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Known as the ‘Queen of Waacking’, Kumari Suraj, who was born into an Indian-American household, has been a pioneering dancer her whole life. She was one of the firsts to upload Waacking choreography videos on YouTube, or the first Waacking choreographer for the TV show ‘So You Think You Can Dance’. And she was definitely the first to think that Indian Culture and Hip Hop could match.

Bollywhack was created by Kumari Suraj in 2009. It is a fusion of Indian culture and Waacking culture. Bollywhack perfectly blends PopClassical and Folk music along with dance styles from Kumari’s South Asian Desi roots plus the LGBTQ Disco styles of Punking and Waacking.

Bollywhack reached over 1 million views on social media in a few months after its appearance. Promoting and representing this movement with Kumari is the House of Suraj Collective, which personally trains and mentors in IndiaBangladeshThailandRussia and the US.

Suraj showcased Bollywhack on Star Plus’s Dance Plus TV Show, and also launched LA’s International Waack/Punk/Pose Festival (Waackfest).

In 2018, Kumari launched the first Bollywhack Teacher Certification (BTC) program in the world that successfully integrates American street dance and Indian traditional dance together while maintaining and honoring both cultural traditions and ideologies!