Brazil hosts Just Dance 2019 World Cup

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The Just Dance World Cup is an annual Just Danceevent which force just dancers from all around the world to battle against each other. The first edition was held in 2014, and this year Brazil will hold the tournament (January-February)

Most of the countries have already picked their representative just dancers, after celebrating the national Just Dance finals. The final events took part from September to December 2018.

Besides presential rounds celebrated around the world, there has been another way to reach the finals: the online qualifiers. Ubisoft, the entertainment company that developes Just Dance, gave fans the chance to access to the national finals by competing online.

After the qualifiers, every country or region will have its champion: 18 players from all over the world aiming to be the Just Dance World Cup 2019 Champion! The winner will travel to France, to visit the Just Dance game production studio and record a choregraphy which is gonna be included in the next Just Dance game.

Technoth look for the third crown

The contenders have a clear goal: defeat the current champion and be named the king or the queen of Just Dance. The 17 contestants have a common enemy:  Umutcan Tütüncü (18), AKA “Technoth”, the two-times World Champion.

Technoth, from Turkey, maintained his dominance winning the championship twice in a row. Last year, the final was very close, because the runner-up Jordan “Jjtatooo75” Boury did an awesome performance (3-2 final score).