Couple perform top aerial dance while bride is pregnant

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The first dance between a husband and his wife is always special. When former gymnast Lana Bolender was asked by her fiancé if she wanted to do a duo Lyra dance – which involves spinning on a hoop suspended in the air– she decided to go for it.

Though this type of dance is normally performed by professional aerial acrobats in circus acts, Lana and husband-to-be Chris, who also trained in gymnastics as a child, knew they could pull it off. And they did just that – performing a beautiful five-minute choreography in the air while Lana wore a short white dress and Chris wore braces, as it was their special day after all.

The surprising part wasn’t just their carefully orchestrated routine either, it was that Lana was 11 weeks pregnant at the time she performed. But their guests were none the wiser.

Not professional

“Chris and I are not professional dancers. I was a competitive gymnast for 15 years”, she revealed. “Chris practiced gymnastics until he was 10, and is now an avid climbersurfer, free diver, and all around talented man”, she added.

Lana had practiced Lyra on and off for the last few years, while Chris had no experience at all. They practiced, choreographed and trained this routine for two and a half months. “This dance was made to share as a gift with our guests”, he couple said.