15.000 people took part in world’s largest samba dance

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The largest samba dance ever was achieved at an attempt organised by Kidapawan City Tourism in the Philippines. 15.230 people took part in the attempt in Kidapawan and formed four rows of pairs that stretched for 5 kilometres (3.11 miles) – that’s the same length as 100 Olympic sized swimming pools!

The city’s samba dance, with thousands of performers dancing to Luiz Fonzi’s Despacito, broke the world record set by Thailand, which had a 500-man simultaneous dance. The whole crew was led by Kidapawan City Mayor Joseph Evangelista.

A wide variety of people participated in the event and came from many different institutions, such as public and private schools, colleges and universities, government agencies, business sectors, clubs and organisations, private institutions and other interested groups or individuals within the Kidapawan community. Participants trained over a period of four months in preparation for the attempt.

The city of records

Kidapawan City is the title holder for the largest number of performers dancing Cha-Cha after besting Singapore in the Guinness.

Students from all levels, village and city officials, employees and senior citizens, with a total number of 14.275, joined the Cha-Cha dance in August 2016 along the three kilometer stretch of the highway here.

Kidapawan City dislodged Edgefield Primary School in Singapore in the Guinness which had only 3.379 participants.