How Jason Statham maintains his shate at 51

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Jason Stathamis 51years old. Even at this age, Statham has a body that youngsters would die for. The reason for this is his strict fitness routine and diet. And if you think that he counts the calories like most of us, think again. In a recent interview, Statham revealed that he doesn’t give a f**k about calories.

“I never gave a f–k about a calorie. An apple? It’s good for me. I’d have fiveBananas? Eat the bunch”, he said. He also went on to add that he eats as much good food as he can.

“You need to keep lean muscle mass. So I eat as much good  food as I can, nutsfishbeanschicken. I’d say ninety-five percent of my food is good. And then I have a little bit of a blowout. Chocolate. Occasionally. But for the rest of it, just reprogram yourself. See, once you start depriving yourself, it becomes a nuisance”, he adds

He also says that he is, by all means, not a vegan, but that he sometimes visits some vegan restaurants where he would occasionally try some steamed veggies and brown rice. He says vegan food makes him feel good, as well as vegan liquid recipes.

What about the workout?

Jason has two golden rules when it comes to his workouts. Rule number one is never to repeat the same workout. It would not be possible to follow through a workout regimen without repeating the listed exercises but you should try and keep every workout session at least slightly different from the last one.

 Rule number two is that you write about every repsetand exercise you did. When you log your workouts you will know exactly what you need to do in your next workout to beat yourself whether in the form of more repsbigger load or bigger time under tension. That way you can actually measure how much stronger and faster you are becoming.