Is Zanku set to be the new Afro dance trend?

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There is a new dance in town, it is called Zanku and it is fast becoming a nationwide sensation. Who would have thought that just like ‘Shaku Shaku’ emerged towards the end of 2017 and became a rave that a new dance will steal in so late in 2018 to become the new trending dance steps?

With the release of ‘Zanku’ video, Zlatan Ibile has consecrated himself as the originator of the newest dance craze in afropop.

The specific origin of the name ‘Zanku’ is uncertain but the dance itself, says Ibile in this interview from December, is one he noticed from his visits to The Shrine in Lagos and refashioned into a trend.

The best Zanku, so far, works best in beats combining repeated foot tapping or pounding, with hands held aloft, and finished with a flourish– a stylised thrusting of one foot as if to knock down a door.

Variations include a faster footworkmimicry of slicing and screwing hand motions and the brandshing of a white kerchief, all of which is done with vigour and attitude.

As common with dance steps, it is usually difficult to trace its true origin as they are usually inspired by dances of old or adaptation of trending moves, but in the world of street dance steps, Agege is fast becoming the new home for viral dances.

From Lagos to the world

Zanku,  like recent other sensational dance moves like ‘Shaku Shaku’ which went global and made the pages of international journals and ‘Shoki’ can be traced to the mainland suburb of Lagos State.

The Zanku dance is clearly in a league of its own. With the way, it juxtaposes leg movements with the hand swings, the dance intensifies every time your feet touch the ground creating a more energetic and riveting reaction. It is as high energy for the learners as it is light-hearted steps for the skilled. It’s simply amazing!