Just Dance video game will be brought to the big screen

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Ubisoft video game ‘Just Dance’ is played by million people around the world. Even the entertainment company organize an every-year world championship since a half a decade. But the ‘Just Dance’ community will take one more step with the video game film. ‘Just Dance’ will be on the big screen!

Screen Gems, a subdivision of Sony Pictures, has reportedly acquired the rights to make a feature film based on Ubisoft’s hit music series. Ubisoft Film and Television and Olive Bridge Entertainment will develop and produce the project. Jason Altman and Margaret Boykin will produce for Ubisoft Film and Television alongside Jodi Hildebrand and Will Gluck for Olive Bridge Entertainment.

A director hasn’t been confirmed, but it’s thought that Gluck might helm the movie. He is best known for his work on Easy AFriends with Benefits and Peter Rabbit. Screen Gems has a history of adapting video games into films, including the Resident Evil films, and the upcoming Monster Hunter movie.

Ten years with Just Dance

Just Dance was first released for the Wii in 2009 as a motion control-based rhythm game set to popular songs like Blondie’s Heart of Glass and Iggy Pop’s cover of Louie Louie.

Since then, over two dozen sequels and spin offs have been released to muted critical reception and stellar sales. The most recent installment, Just Dance 2019, was released in October 2018 for various consoles, including (if you can believe it) the Wii.