Man danced with 1.000 people traveling around the Globe

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“My name is Matt Bray and this channel is about living life to the fullest and having fun”. This ‘Project One Life’ leitmotiv, a Youtube channel which achieved over 20 million views during last years. And Matt Bray’s way of life, the man who has danced with 1.000 people from all around the world.

“I document myself having a blast with my friends crossing things off my bucket list”, Bray writes on his YouTube channel. Bray made up a simple dance routine to the song “Lean” by VHS Collection. Then, he traveled around the planet, asking people to join him for a minute or two of dancing. This January, the video result has been released, and it reached over 250K views in a few days.

“Wow, can’t believe this video is finally done. Thank you to every single stranger I meet along the way who danced, helped film, let me crash at their place”, Bray wrote in a comment below the video. “This is the best video I have ever made and I really hope it makes some people smile!”, he added.

Many countries in over a year

For his latest crazy idea, Bray spent a year and a half traveling around the globe to a total of 15 different countries to create “1000 People of Dance”. In the video, it can be seen choreographies at the front of LouvreSydney Opera HouseMachu PichuBuckingham Palace and other iconic places from many countries.

But “1000 People of Dance” is not the first Bray project. The youtuber released before “100 People of Dance”, which was seen by over 4 million people two years ago; “100 Places of Dance” and “100 Days of Dance”, both with several million views on Youtube channel.