The Nigerian street children crew that stole Rihanna’s heart

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A few months ago, Rihanna posted on Instagram a video in which it could be seen a little African girl dancing. She used the clip to celebrate that she was the first female artist to cross the 2 billion worldwide streams on Apple Music. Rihanna didn’t know it, but the Barbados diamond was driving to social media fame a little crew of African children in Lagos, Nigeria.

Seyi Oluyole, 26, started the Dream Catchers charity dance group in 2014 to teach dance to disadvantaged children in Nigeria’s capital of Lagos. Seyi also encourages ‘her’ kids to attend school, hoping it would lead them to a better future. “Dance puts us in school & off the streets”, Oluyole said.

Oluyole revealed her tough background: “As a teenager, I slept on the road a couple of times due to some financial issues my family was going through”. That influenced her to help other children, specifically “children who are from the street and from bad homes”.

Naomi Campbell reposted one of the Dream Catcher’s Instagram videos and it went viral after it was shared by Rihanna. Since then, more of the crew’s videos have been featured by celebrities like U.S. rapper P.Diddy. A few days ago, Oluyole and their kids also got to catch the attention of rapper Cardi B, that also posted on Insta a dance of the Nigerian crew.

As a result, the Nigerian lil dancers posted some photos and videos thanking the celebrities for the support. Rihanna shared part of that thank you in a post, in which she referred to the dancers as her “Lil squad”, and told them they made her day.

In just five hours, the post received 1 million likes. Since then, the crew has accumulated almost 100K followers on Instagram and has participated in events and shows in Lagos.