Extreme pole dancer performs on the roof of 16-storey building

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An impressive pole dance video has emerged on the Internet, sporting a 27 year-old woman, Marina Korzhenevskaya from Voronezh, performing on the roof of a 16-storey apartment building.

The clip, captioned ‘No comment’, is going viral at a galloping speed, having racked up over 35.000 views over the last days.

Perfect control

The talented dancer wraps her body around the pole and performs her routine. Wearing only leggings and a sports bra, Marina appears suspended on the pole using only her legs to support her. She contorts her body, going upside-down and hangs perilously off the slender aerial. She spins around, seemingly unaware of the drop below her.

While most seem to be lost for words at seeing the height that the dancer makes her stunts at, some expressed shock at underage netizens also catching a glimpse of the clip and possibly daring to repeat the performance.

“This is amazing, beautiful, peaceful and frightening all the same time! Amazing”, one commenter posted, with another one butting in: “Wow, such a solid construction”.

“This is abhorrent. You dance perfectly without all that, that’s clear. This is way over the top”, another subscriber shared in Russian. Among the many comments below the video, one user said: “Wow… amazing and terrifying all in one”. Others have said the video made them feel “anxious” and they would “die of fright”.

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