Prabhu Deva: the awesome Indian Michael Jackson tale

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People call him desi Michael Jackson, the dancing God, dancing maestro, and he smiles in his trademark humble style. Inspired by his father Mugur Sundar, a choreographer for South Indian movies, Prabhu Deva took up dancing, learning Indian classical dance forms such as Bharatanatyam from Dharmaraj and Udupi Lakshminarayanan as well as Western styles.

He’s now 45, and has built an awesome dancing career in Bollywood. The Indian artist started choreographing in his teen years. Whenever his father Mugur Sundar was loaded with work he would ask Prabhu to go and choreograph on his behalf. Out of respect towards his father, people allowed him to choreograph in films and that’s when he proved his worth.

Since then, he has choreographed in over 100 movies and won two national film awards for Best Choreography. His filmography as an actor, dancer and director boasts of umpteen laurels too.

A smile in front of hell

Even the Indian Michael Jackson is a very kind man, he’s been through two critical episodes during his life. In 2008, Prabhu Deva’s son Vishal passed away, after being suffering from brain cancer for a long time. The second critical moment happened in 2016, when the coreographer was struck by temporary paralysis as he was shooting for a song.

Let alone dancing, Prabhu feared he would never be able to walk hereafter. “During a dance movement I felt something give way in my back. I couldn’t move! I was completely paralyzed”, he revealed.

The actor was taken to a hospital by actor Sonu Sood’s friend and the nightmare ended for Prabhu after doctors informed that it was a temporary situation and it happened due to a severe muscle pull. “For five hours, I was in unbearable pain. I couldn’t move at all. I was thinking about what life would be like without movement”, Prabhu told to media.

Dancing: not a family hobby 

When he is asked how is his personal life, he said: “Currently, both my sons are my priority. Funnily, they hate dancing and films and are busy studying. Giving them a better life is my ultimate goal now”.