From Mumbai streets to World of Dance: the Kings journey

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India is a dancing nation. Subsequent reality shows helped cement the space for dancers in the country, helping many from the streets to perform on stage in front of large and appreciative audiences.

Kings United is one such dance crew that was born in 2008 that harnessed the power of reality television to propel themselves to stardom. And today, they are representing India at an international stage.

Kings United, now termed as ‘The Kings’, are representing India in the Season 3 of NBC“World of Dance”, the world’s most competitive dance competition. The show is judged by an eclectic panel consisting of the extremely talented Jennifer LopezNe-Yo, and Derek Hough.

The origins

The crew that started from the streets of Mumbai has been setting the stage on fire in the US. “In 2008, we formed our first crew which went on to participate in local competitions. We used to win just Rs 500 as prize money, but it encouraged us to pursue professional competitive dancing and reality shows gave us the break we needed”, Mukund said.

From there, the crew went on to perform on the famed Boogie Woogie, which gave them the first taste of television. “That show was actually one of our greatest inspirations. When we performed on the show, the judges said we had it in us to achieve international acclaim. That stuck”, Mukund recalled.

From there on, it was an upward journey. The crew’s big break came in 2011 when they won first place in India’s Got Talent Season 3. They went on to win third place at World Hip-Hop Dance Championship 2015. The crew specialises in “Bolly-hip-hop” a style that is characterized by hip-hop dance techniques fused with Bollywood dancing.