Tornado and Jo: new India Red Bull BC One champions

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In a showdown of some of the best breaking talent in the country, one B-Boy and one B-Girl emerged victorious for the titles of Red Bull BC One 2019 India Champions – B-Boy Tornado from Mumbai and B-Girl Jo from Bengaluru.

Held at the historic Bandra Fort Amphitheatre, the fifth edition of the Red Bull BC One Cypher India saw breakers from six cities in the country compete for the titles and a chance to represent their country at the Last Chance Cypher at the Red Bull BC One World Final – which will be held in Mumbai in November.

The final battles

The final round saw both the champions put their best foot forward in what was a worthy dance-off between two opponents. Jo contested with B-Girl Flowraw who served up impressive freeze transitions. Her adeptness and range of moves were remarkable.

B-Girl Jo’s performance was powerful with progressions from the double leg swipe to the chair and turtle freeze, mixed in with interesting and fluid bridge transitions. Their match was one where the audience sat at the edge of their seats.

Tornado went up against B-Boy Wild child, proving his agility as he entered the arena with a head slide and flaunted moves such as the windmill, L kick, air flare and a marvelous 2000. Wildchild’s headspin and baby freeze transitions were noteworthy, making the dance-off a close contest.

B-Boy Tornado and B-Girl Jo will now compete at their respective Last Chance Cypher battles at the Red Bull BC One World Final in Mumbai in November, for a chance to take the final spot in the top 16 at the B-Boy and B-Girl championships.

“The Red Bull BC One Last Chance Cypher will be a whole new level for me. Competing against other B-Girls who are all at such a high level and have so much experience will be a bit nerve-wracking. But I am determined to reach my highest potential by November”,  says B-Girl Jo.

“My regular routine is to practice for two hours each day, but in preparation for the Red Bull BC One Last Chance Cypher, I’m going to practice much more; maybe four hours a day”, adds B-Boy Tornado.