Unreal Thor’s Aussie animal workout routine

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No doubts: Chris Hemsworth has one of the most envied physiques in the entertainment industry. His Thor role took him to an amazing shape that he has kept during years. We have seen some Chris’ routine and workout videos on Instagram, but the last is, for sure, the funniest one.

Thor shared a video of his last routine which involves him channeling a range of Australia native animals including goannaskangarooskoalas and platypus. Coached by celebrity trainer, Luke Zocchi, the Aussie actor completed the hilarious and rigorous fitness regime as he grunted while imitating a variety of Australian fauna.

After completing the workout, a clearly worn out Thor shared the video with his followers. Clearly amused by his beastly yet spiritual maneuvers, he captioned the video: “Trying to lock in on my workout spirit animal for 2019”. The routine also matches with Hemsworth’s love for the animal world.

Luke Zocchi: Thor personal trainer

Maybe Thor is able to have power over the thunders or his hammer, but his huge body is not a nature product. The achievement belongs to Luke Zocchi, an amateur boxer who turned into a Hollywood stars personal trainer. He’s been friends with Chris since childhood and has kept the Aussie actor in shape for the better part of six years.

“I was working at a gym in Melbourne when Chris first asked me to train him in LA”, Luke reveals. Luke also explained that he creates a different fitness regime for each character Chris may be playing.